My Report to CoNI. Constitution Breach by JSC, Hijack of Judiciary and link to 7 Feb 2012 Coup d'état

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Constitution Breach by JSC, Hijack of Judiciary and link to 7 February 2012 Coup d'état - My Witness Report to the Maldives Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI)is published here in PDF.

It raises the question of a wider Conspiracy involving both Parliament (Majlis) and Judiciary. From what I witnessed, and have evidence of, there is good reason to believe Judicial Service Commission was a Tool in the coup.

This is NOT a full report of all events in what I believe is a silent coup in Judiciary (2010-11); but is limited and focus only on providing #CoNI with the link to events of 7 February 2012. The Silent Coup led by JSC (2010-11) remains covered up by Majlis to date; and deserves a full inquiry in itself.

It is my opinion that the road to democratic Government is the Constitution.  Redress of Article 285 and Judicial Reform in the manner prescribed in the Constitution is crucial for the Maldives to move forward.

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